Luke Llamas

My name is Luke Llamas. For the last ten years I have been living my dream job, working with coaches and athletes, traveling the world, and training leaders on subjects that I am passionate about.

But my life would have likely followed a different path. I am the grandson of a late entrepreneur and philanthropist named Oswaldo Llamas who immigrated to the United States from Colombia to study engineering at UCLA. He went on to found an aerospace company, Llamas Plastics Inc. and I grew up playing sports and working for the family business in Los Angeles. By the time I was preparing for college I planned to study business to work for the family company.

But something happened.

I got in a car accident that changed the trajectory of my life and set me on a different path working in the social sector. This path has been very meaningful and rewarding and taken me to over twenty countries around the world. These seasons of life and the mentors who have impacted me along the way have inspired much of the content you will find here.

Through this website I teach leaders like yourself The 7 Attributes of Holistic Leadership which I believe will give you practical tools to help you grow as a leader and increase your influence for good in the world.